Academic MAP

If you’ve read or listened to the book, College Prep Superstar, then you’ve been directed here to see the MAP schematic of success (see below).

If you have not read the book, you can listen to the book for free here. This highschool/college plan of action will teach you critical skills in living a planned, integrated academic / career life. The book is available at Amazon in print and Kindle version. If you would like an electronic PDF version of the book, write to and he gladly to send you one.

Who is the Academic MENTORED ACTION PLAN for?

From a rising 10th grader to a college sophomore making plans for graduate school, and even the adult learner who has discovered that their academic and career pathway lacks continuity, the MENTORED ACTION PLAN (MAP) serves as a framework on which all parts of academics and academic support can be hung that ultimately leads to a clear, concise, actionable day to day plan for the student to achieve more than they imagined possible.

From researching professors to selecting, interviewing, and engage mentors, the MAP provides an unparalleled way forward that will save students time, disappointment, and a great deal of loneliness as they progress on their academic journey.  A student may choose to use part or all of the plan and still improve the outcome of their efforts. 


Mentored Action Plan Schematic
Mentored Action Plan